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Company introduction

RGO instrument, Inc。, located in BEIJINGCity, CHINA 。RGO has been In business since June of 2001 providing sales and service of high quality radiation detection and protection systems and instruments。
We offer a significant range of services that include instrument maintenance, radiation instrument calibration,radiation instrument and radiation awareness training and consulting. We can supply you with leading brand X-ray detectors, scintillation detectors, Geiger counters and other survey meters ,radiation monitor system at the most competitive prices.



  有关市场潜力估值报告指出,拉丁美洲医疗仪器设备市场潜力达105亿美元。该份覆盖了拉丁美洲八个地区市... [Details]
  “虽然我国医疗器械出口产值巨大,但多以中低端产品为主。”昨日在广交会上,中国医药保健品进出口商会... [Details]
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Address:H,No.3 JingCheng south four street No.13,tongzhou district garden 

jinqiao science and technology industry base,Tongzhou District, Beijing

Tel:+86-18618345135    Contact:manager kate   


Technical support: Shanghai redder network technology co., Ltd

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